Tuesday, 16 October 2012 17:09

Meisha Moore - Pierce Me Rebooted

Diva Meisha Moore is back with this ultra sexy house release "Pierce Me Rebooted" which includes 9 hot mixes with Meisha's sultry vocals. G. Ikome's Deepah Flow Mix is a perfect deep house journey with bubbly synths, electrifying effects, and fun percussion. Silvia Zaragoza's mix is enticing with deep house grooves and beautiful synths that will make you want to float away. Nicole and Ramiro get down and funky with piano melodies, a sexy saxophone, and a solid house beat. Geoffrey C brings on the warm and sweet summery vibe with his funky chord stabs and fun effects. Ramiro's Deeper Mix gets deep and soulful with electrifying synths and a deep, rolling bassline. G. Ikome's Hook Mix is fun and funky with amazing house grooves and tons of nice effects. Brockney Cee's Tribal Spears Mix has amazing tribal percussion, swaying synths, and a deep, resonating bassline. Fabrizio's mix is electrifying with dirty house grooves and mind-blowing effects.