Friday, 11 May 2012 23:18

Fabio Vee - Yeah

Fabio Vee is back with a new house EP entitled "Yeah" which also includes mixes from BBwhite, Hardmix, and Ramiro Bernabela. Fabio's original mix has funky chord stabs, amazing percussion and vocal effects, and is bound together by a solid house groove. BBwhite goes funky Brazilian style with his warm and tropical vibes, fun horns, and electrifying effects. Hardmix delivers some techy house flavors with a delicious saxophone and wonderful percussion. Ramiro's remix has true deep house vibes with spacey sounds and effects, and is driven by a deep, resonating bassline.

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  • Catalog nr. ABS0021

We proudly present this HOT disco house cover release of the 1979 hit "The Way I Feel." Manyus and Eclissi di Soul deliver an amazing cover with captivating vocals and delightful disco grooves. Manyus' Kool Mix is fit for the cool and sophisticated dancefloor with funky grooves and an amazing guitar solo. Misteralf's mix is enticing with its deep house grooves and a beautiful, swaying summery vibe. BBwhite brings on the funk with his signature funky-disco vibes and rockin' percussion. Paolo di Miro delivers a perfect soulful mix with a combination of deep soulful house grooves and disco grooves. There is also a Live Mix Radio edit from Manyus that captivates the same fun grooves that is perfect for radio airplay.

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  • Catalog nr. ABS0019

Beppe Spanu A.K.A. Blaxxsoul delivers a slammin' summer house EP with "Funkystar (When I Think Of You)" that also includes mixes from BBwhite, Manyus, Misteralf, Rob Hayes, and Haldo. Blaxxsoul's main mix is funky and soulful with enticing vocals and sweet summer feelings. BBwhite's mix is fit for the dancefloor with its dirty funky grooves and mind-blowing saxophone. Manyus brings on the cool Latin vibes with his sweet soulful grooves and amazing percussion. Misteralf's dub mix has perfect deep grooves, ethereal effects, and techy flavors that bring on the sweet summery mood. Rob Hayes' Cuban mix has fun and delicious Latin house vibes and is full of awesome percussion. Haldo's mix is the perfect combination of deep house sensations, delightful synths, and swaying saxophones. Blaxxsoul's reprise mix is a dreamy and heavenly mix that is perfect for chilling and relaxing.

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  • Catalog nr. ABS0020
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:44

DJ Troby - 2 A.M

DJ Troby is back with another slammin' EP that has 3 awesome new house tracks. "2 A.M." is techy and funky with enticing vocals and beautiful melodic grooves.
The original mix of "Deep In Love" has deep and swaying house grooves, with funky chords and jazzy vocal effects.
The alternative mix is a different take then the original, also keeping that funky and moody house vibe.

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  • Catalog nr. BITE0094
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:37

Corvino Traxx & Swared - Sugo EP

Corvino Traxx & Swared are back with another slammin' tech house EP with "Sugo."
The first track is called "Beach" and it has a funky techy groove, with its tropical drums, fun vocals, and electrifying effects.
"Phunk In Town" goes deeper with Detroit-style tech elements, spacey sounds and a bit of funkiness.


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Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:04

The Sleeper feat. Sara Zu - Love Night

AudioBite proudly presents The Sleeper featuring Sara Zu with the EP "Love Night" which includes 2 original tracks and mixes from Ramiro Bernabela and Lanny Vince. The original mix of "Love Night" has deep house grooves with a funky bassline and spacey vocals. Ramiro's mix is deep and enticing with sexy vocals, a resonating bassline, and progressive vibes. Lanny's mix has laid-back house vibes with soulful tones that is bound together with a solid beat. The original mix of "Do U" has flowing progressive grooves with sultry vocals and dreamy synths.

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