Piratebrain is back with some silky house remixes containing his powerful and thought-provoking vocals "Fuck The Sponsors." Geoffrey C's remix combines sweet soulful house vibes with funky melodies, electrifying effects, and compelling vocals. Lex Luthor's mix brings out the solid house beats, pounding bassline, funky chords, energetic grooves, and potent vocals. DJxtee brings out his own South African vibes with a mix that's deep and tribal with beautiful percussion and dreamy sounds.

Piratebrain is back with another groovin' house release with thought-provoking lyrics. Miami-based producer DJ Aladdin brings out the funky and afro vibes with powerful vocals, stimulating percussion, electrifying chord stabs, and is driven by a solid house beat. South African producer DJxtee's mix gets deep with its spacey sounds, deep tech grooves, and compelling vocals.