New York based label and event group SpinSpinNYC did a special spotlight feature on AudioBite Records and featured a guest review from label owner and manager Nicole Simpkins.

We proudly present this vocal house gem from Italian producer Jonny Bee featuring vocalist Dave Baron. The EP "Let Me Take You Far Away" has an original mix and remixes from Ramiro Bernabela and Fabio Vee.


Friday, 14 December 2012 14:45

Jeff & Jessey "The Fire" EP is out now!

AudioBite is proud to present this amazing EP from German duo Jeff & Jessey. They are a collaboration of Jessey, who is from the famed duo Joe & Jessey who had a huge hit "Pure Hooney" in 2002; and DJ Kixen, a very known DJ in the Berlin club scene. The EP "The Fire" has 2 original house mixes from them and also includes a remix from Berlin legend Robin Masters Orchestra and Dutch producer Ramiro Bernabela.


Our December 2012 podcast is mixed by German DJ and producer Vin Vega. This 1-hour long tech house mix is full of gems.


AudioBite Records proudly presents "Pulp Fusion," the latest tech house EP from Italian producer Corvino Traxx. The release has 2 new original tracks.


"Techno Retrò" is a 3-track explosive tech house EP from Italian producer Frank Boozy that is inspired by the old-school tech vibes from Detroit.


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