Right in the heart of downtown Detroit, walking distance from the festival and hotels! We've got a special 3D visual performance from Reality Engine and the finest underground house and techno music from house legend DJ ROLAND CLARK, Oscar P, Ramiro Bernabela, YOS, Monikkr, Reality Engine, Ben Finx II, and Alan Ellison!

AudioBite proudly presents this gem from top underground house producer Ramiro Bernabela and house legend Roland Clark, with remixes from New York house innovator Oscar P and first-class Belfast house duo Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon. The original mix delivers some serious heat with its deep resonating bassline, powerful lyrics, retro synths, electrifying effects, and solid house beat. Oscar P's mix gets deep with invigorating synths, uplifting funky sounds, trippy effects, and euphoric deep tech vibes. Quentin Kane and Simon Sheldon's mix will take you on an awesome house journey with its old-school beats, acid-style sounds, luscious classic chords, and cool vocal effects.

Monday, 29 October 2012 20:36

Massimo Russo - Feeling Tonight

Massimo Russo delivers his latest tech house bomb, "Feeling Tonight" that includes remixes from Ramrio Bernabela and DJ Troby. Massimo's Terrace Mix is tech-y and funky with sparkling vocal effects and a great drive. Ramiro's remix is a bit deeper with a progressive house vibe and a deep, resonating bassline and solid house beat. DJ Troby brings on the tribal tech vibe with electrifying sounds and effects.

Thursday, 18 October 2012 20:56

DJ Troby & Ramiro Bernabela - Wah Wah Wah

"Wah Wah Wah" is a fierce and powerful collaboration of DJ Troby and Ramiro Bernabela. The EP has 3 different mixes that bring 3 different flavors out. The Tech Mix is perfect for the dancefloor with it's tech house grooves, electrifying effects, and resonating sounds. The Late Nite Mix is a bit deeper with dreamy synths, funky percussion, and progressive house vibes. The Tribal Mix is very percussive with fun effects and a full tribal house beat.

We are pleased to present another gem from top underground house producer Ramiro Bernabela together with house legend Roland Clark, with remixes from New York house innovator Oscar P and first-class Belfast house duo Quentin Kane & Simon Sheldon.

Come join us on Saturday, Nov. 1st at Wesley's in downtown Toledo for Mixtape Sessions Presents: Mood Sessions with AudioBite Records. Featuring music from Ramiro Bernabela, Sandman Tedfury, and L. Fisher.

AudioBite is pleased to welcome this gem from top Dutch underground house producer Ramiro Bernabela and vocals from the legendary Mr. V. Fueled by its infectious grooves, pumping bass, and resonating vocals, this is sure to sizzle on any dancefloor. Also featuring remixes from RedSoul that have bona fide deep and sexy house grooves, this whole release is ablaze with pure house fire.

We proudly present this vocal house gem from Italian producer Jonny Bee featuring vocalist Dave Baron. The EP "Let Me Take You Far Away" has an original mix and remixes from Ramiro Bernabela and Fabio Vee.


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Friday, 14 December 2012 14:45

Jeff & Jessey "The Fire" EP is out now!

AudioBite is proud to present this amazing EP from German duo Jeff & Jessey. They are a collaboration of Jessey, who is from the famed duo Joe & Jessey who had a huge hit "Pure Hooney" in 2002; and DJ Kixen, a very known DJ in the Berlin club scene. The EP "The Fire" has 2 original house mixes from them and also includes a remix from Berlin legend Robin Masters Orchestra and Dutch producer Ramiro Bernabela.


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