Wednesday, 25 May 2016 17:58

An Interview With Monikkr and Reality Engine

We are honored to have New York based artists Monikkr and Reality Engine entertaining us with a special live audio / visual 3D performance at Audio Elixir in Detroit next Saturday. It is their first performance in the city of Detroit and we picked their brains about their unique collaboration and their views about music and Detroit.

1. How did you guys meet and start working together?

Monikkr: A mutual friend n the music business introduced us. They where working on a Reality Engine record and I was asked to come in an collaborate with them. He thought it'd be a perfect fit. He was right.

2. What or who was your biggest inspiration?

Monikkr: Oh man that's a long list. I've been influenced by so many artists over the past 25 years that I've been making music. But PRINCE definitely gets a lot of credit especially in my early years. It's why I like to make things sound sexy. But if I had to pic anyone now it would be artists like Claude Von Stroke, WUKI, LEFT/RIGHT, DESTRUCTO & The Weekend to name a few. (Yeah I know I'm all over the place LOL)

Reality Engine: I have a wide palate of music I listen to daily from dub to jazz to electronic. Artistically I have always been drawn to artists with a strong Audio-Visual live presentation such as the Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Amon Tobin. The list is extensive.

2. How would you describe your music styles individually as compared to your collaborative efforts?

Monikkr: At the moment I'm focused on a more bass music driven styles. Really into break beat, future bass and future house at the moment. It's kind of all come full circle for me cause it's those 808's that got me into dance music back in the 90's. I try to bring that to the table when I collaborate with Reality Engine. But he definitely pulls me into a darker more progressive vibe which is a good match with what I bring to the table.

Reality Engine: I have also experimented with various styles always with an edgy flavor to it. I think the message and vibe is more important then fitting into a genre. Music is constantly evolving. Even during shows I usually bring in various influences depending on the vibe I get from the audience. This is one of the reasons I think we work well together, we are both very flexible musically.

3. Tell us about your upcoming single.

Monikkr: It's called Gonna Make You Mine (GMYM). It's actually the first thing we did together and the song our mutual friend brought us together to make. It's been a long road to getting this one done but I think the timing is just right. It's a song about seduction and conquest which I think i great!

Reality Engine: It has truly been an epic journey to bring this project to completion. We’ve both done some many things since then but kept circling back around to this one with new approaches. Good things take time and lots of patience. I'm glad we kept at it.

4. What does the city of Detroit mean to you and has it influenced you musically?

Monikkr: Well Detroit has such a rich musical history. Certainly one bigger than just dance music. For me Detroit always had a rock n roll reputation. And through the years I found myself crediting it to some of the best TECHNO and certainly the earliest. But Detroit has also seen some dark times and sometimes from that comes great art. Which I think makes it the perfect background for the Movement Festival. I have never personally been to Detroit so I'm looking forward to discovering all it has to offer.

Reality Engine: Yeah this will be a first for me too. Looking forward to doing something special. The bar is definitely set very high there.

5. Where do you see underground electronic dance music headed in the U.S.?

Monikkr: I think back to where it all began. Underground clubs, house parties and giving birth to new genres. I personally have no issue with it having it's place in the main stream. That's always going to happen. But EDM has seen it's day and when the bubble bursts, which it will. I think we're gonna see some exciting new sounds coming. Especially from the next generation of producers.

Reality Engine: I agree it’s all about intimate, high end, immersive, multi media, performance rich type events.

6. Tell us about your special audio / visual performance at Audio Elixir.

Monikkr: We can't… It's a secret ;)