Thursday, 27 December 2012 13:43

Jonny Bee feat. Dave Baron "Let Me Take You Far Away" EP is out now exclusively at Beatport!

We proudly present this vocal house gem from Italian producer Jonny Bee featuring vocalist Dave Baron. The EP "Let Me Take You Far Away" has an original mix and remixes from Ramiro Bernabela and Fabio Vee.


Ramiro's remix has deep and progressive house grooves with a resonating bassline and electrifying synths, and is bound together by a solid house beat. Fabio's mix is deep and atmospheric with dreamy sounds and beautiful ethereal effects. Jonny's original mix is progressive with bubbly synths, spacey sounds, and electro grooves. It is now available exclusively at Beatport, and will be in all digital shops on January 10.

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