Rojey James

Rojey James had his first contact with music in the1994/95 period when he began to write his first songs. In '97 he started to perform and produce hip hop and soul. In 2001 he was invited by a house music group MR GROOVE & VERGAS to perform in a song called “BE THE STAR IN MY LIFE” and just one month later, the track was signed to the German label GROOVE YA (DRIZZLY MUSIC). The first promos were served and soon guys like DAFT PUNK, ARMAND VAN HELDEN, ROGER SANCHEZ, FRANKIE KNUCKLES and DAVID MORALES were all playing it in their sets! The track went on to appear on several compilations worldwide. Rojey continued to make music and do live performances in soul and hip hop style. In 2007 Rojey released his first album called "Music Resurrection" by Graphonola Records. In 2010 Rojey was motivated to go back to house and he started to make his own productions and do performances. In 2011 he released "Soulful Moments," an EP with 3 songs by Audiobite Soulful records.