Ezequiel Sawelreiz

Ezequiel Suárez (aka Ezequiel Sawelreiz) was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1983. From a very young age he took to music and began to both experiment with it and study it. He studied drums, piano and saxophone, a mixture that gave him a good all round musical ear. Already by the 1990s he had started to listen to different types of electronic music and go to clubs and parties, which inspired him to buy some record decks and a mixer and to begin to produce his own music. He was inspired by underground house music DJs, and traveled the world DJing at parties himself in South America and Europe. In 2007 Ezequiel decided to give up his medical studies and to dedicate himself exclusively to electronic music. He began releasing in 2010 and his productions range from progressive house to techno.